Everything begins with a thought, “In the beginning there was the word…” Genesis. Words are expressed thoughts. Through the thoughts we think, the words we speak, the beliefs we hold, we create our life experience. These words you are reading right now were thoughts in my mind before I put them down on paper. And now they exist in the physical world. All of it, pleasant and unpleasant, what is fulfilling and what is not begins with our thoughts. We are not aware of most of what we think, therefore we are not consciously choosing what we are creating in our lives. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us, through our thoughts. By becoming more aware of what we are thinking, we can look at what picture or mold we are giving our subconscious mind to create from.

Our conscious mind tells our subconscious mind what to create in our lives. Subconscious is impartial, it doesn’t say back to conscious mind, ‘Hey, that’s not going to be good for you’. It just finds a way to carry out our orders, which are the most consistent thoughts and our longest held beliefs.

If we believe and think that we are never going to get out of debt, have the love we yearn for, be healthy, create success, than guess what? We get to be absolutely right! We bring into our lives more of whatever we believe or consistently think about. If we train ourselves to believe there is plenty of love, that our bodies know how to heal and be healthy, that we are capable of success and financial wealth, than we get to be right about that too. The trick is to be able to maintain the focus on what we are truly yearning to experience long enough for us to create it. Our task is to build the fortitude and the mental muscle to keep lifting our thoughts higher and higher. So we can stay in a higher quality of thought for longer periods of time.

Higher quality thought will produce higher quality results. To increase the quality of our mental activity it is necessary to ‘stand guard at the portal of your own mind’ (Emerson). Take charge of our mind and consciously choose what we allow our mind to engage in. Choose what conversations we allow ourselves to participate in, what movies have the qualities that resonate with what we are choosing to develop in our lives, what books and people support our efforts to increase our life experience?

Everything begins with a thought. If you want to have an expanded experience of your life, you have to expand your thoughts first.

Try this exercise:
Notice one or two outdated thoughts that you continually have. Things that have been with you for years. We all have them. They keep us feeling small, disempowered, helpless to make change. Now, try an experiment. Write down the exact opposite of that thought. Every time your lower quality thoughts of lack come in, say ‘No, I’m not going to think that right now, here is a new empowered thought choice that I am making’. You will reprogram your conscious mind to instruct your subconscious mind what to create. As your thoughts shift, your attitudes and feeling tones will shift. You will feel different, you will look at your life a bit differently. You may notice things that you overlooked before. When you shift, people around you respond in kind. Notice this for a week. Notice where the resistance is, where the old patterns are so ingrained and how much discipline it takes to keep strengthening the mental muscle to increase the quality of your life. Your motivation is your desire to take charge of your life. The longer you can stay in a higher quality feeling state, the more fulfilling and expansive your experience will be. New, creative ideas will have space to grow. Plant high quality seeds in the garden of your mind and behold the beauty of your life! You can do it if you believe you can. I promise.

Check back soon for the next step to Taking Charge of the Life you have so You can Live the Life you Want.

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