We all have a secret rebel living inside of us. We may keep him or her tucked away in the shadows but they rear their head when we most need them. Those times when we just can’t sit still and be quiet anymore. When something within us is ready for change, transformation, or release we hear the Rebels voice, saying “ I can’t live this way anymore!”. The Rebel prompts us forward, ever forward, waking us up from the slumber of mediocrity. Shouts at us, “NO! I will do whatever it takes not to live this way anymore”. The Rebel is fierce and will lead you to what you need to change your life if you trust and allow her to.

This is your exciting, passionate, powerful self. That aspect of you that is still wild, instinctual, unashamed and bursting to set you free. This is the part of you that you may keep hidden away for fear of what could happen to your life if you really lived from all your power and passion in the world. You may not be ready to fully unleash your rebel self all at once but we can engage him/her now to help create the pathway to release any old, fear-based, outdated thinking and outdated parts of your life.

Here’s how:

Invite your powerful, authentic self to instruct your mind what’s it’s allowed to think about. Remember, what you continually focus on, think about and emotionally feel is what you will create more of in your life. “As you think, so shall you become.” Buddha

Notice if you are indulging in thoughts of helplessness, fear, guilt, regret, blame or shame. Each of these thought processes evoke a feeling state, an emotional response and that emotion sends out a vibration to the world.

This vibration broadcasts out and what you get back is more of the circumstances/people that match or mirror that vibration. Simply put, higher quality thoughts create a higher quality life. Your power to change what isn’t working in your life begins with making new thought choices and holding them long enough to attract that new life back to you.

Here are 3 steps to begin creating from a higher quality vibration:

1. First, get clear on what you want to experience, feel, and create. Write it out in detail, focus specifically on the emotion of what you yearn to feel.

* What thoughts/beliefs do you have that are constrictive, limiting around this?

* Write down all the reasons why you don’t believe it can happen. Include your age, education, location, past disappointments, etc. We’re looking for all the excuses that the mind uses to keep you small and suppressed.

2.  Now, from the voice of the Rebel self, the one who shouts NO! to a life of smallness and constriction, write a few new thoughts, statements, affirmations that can retrain your brain.

* Example, switch from  ‘I’ve tried to change my life, career, thoughts before and it never works’ to ‘ today is a new day and I choose to start  fresh in this moment in creating the life I desire’ or ‘all the good men are taken, I’ll never find the love of my life’, to ‘I’m choosing to fully love and support myself until my perfect partner shows up’.

* Ask yourself, ‘If I believed it was possible to have this life, what small steps could I take today to move me in that direction?’ write a few small steps and practice them.

3. Read about and feel into your desires throughout the day. You will rewire your thinking each time you practice this and as you maintain that new higher quality thought and vibration, you will see and feel the changes you are seeking.

4. Be conscious of celebrating and congratulating your successes, even if they seem small. One new thought is powerful in creating a whole new pathway of living.

If you find that you slip back into old thought patterns, simply begin again with compassion and acceptance for your wonderful, powerful self.

Remember, high-quality thoughts=high quality life. You have the power to live fully and freely with each thought you take control of.

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