Welcome! I’m Denise Rizvi

‘I know I’m bigger than this’


I’m a Jersey girl, born and raised. From my very modest beginnings, I‘ve always had the drive for something bigger. I always felt that my life was too small but didn’t know how to live or create a bigger life.  So, I did what any fiery, passionate, jersey girl would do.

I left.

I went on an expedition to find my true life. My mantra throughout my youth was, ‘I know I’m bigger than this’,  I knew inside me there was more to life.

From studying and teaching  the martial arts, working with Chi as an energy source for healing and transformation, learning Chinese herbal medicine, to the Andean mountains of South America , traveling through the sacred sites of Machu Picchu at night with only a flashlight and the stars to light my way, I continued my search.

About DeniseI studied with the most renowned healers in South America, traveled with the last of the Inca medicine women and men through Peru and learned how to create and live that life that was screaming to be expressed through me.

Some of the most powerful aspects of my journey are the healing modalities I learned. These helped me to release old feelings of being unworthy, trapped, isolated, and afraid. I’m honored to share with you all that I’ve learned including this healing  so you can live from a place of freedom, passion and purpose.

I can help you to wake up in the morning and smile.

I  wake up every morning and know I’m living the life I’m meant to live, and I created it! If that sounds like something you are yearning to feel, I can help you to create it in your life too and you won’t have to travel to Peru to do it (unless that is the life you would love).

I will help you to replace the confusion and overwhelm of where to start with real, manageable day-to-day steps that move you easily and practically in the direction of your most fulfilling life. I’ll guide you through meditations, insightful questioning and lots of listening to help you get in touch with what would truly fulfill you.

I care deeply about you and I believe the world is waiting to hear your story and benefit from your unique gifts and talents. I would love you to join me in living your most fulfilling, free and purpose-filled life.


Contact me to set up your complimentary 30 minute Self Mastery Coaching session, (Valued at $97). We will connect, get to know each other and explore the blueprint you are yearning to live from.  Click Here

On a professional level:

Denise Rizvi is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Positive Psychology Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Soulful Relationship and Life Coach. She offers workshops and private sessions on Taking Charge of Your Life through a unique combination of meditation, cognitive re-patterning and empowered soul-full coaching. She earned her degree in Naturopathy from the Clayton College of Natural Health and is board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She completed a two year intensive program with Alberto Villoldo, PhD. & The Four Winds Society’s Healing The Light Body™ in Inca Shamanic Energy Healing. She is certified through Vianna  Stibal’s Natures Path in Theta™ Core Belief healing, DNA 1 & 2

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