Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness Programs


“Everything starts with our thoughts, high quality thinking creates high quality results.”


As corporate giants like Apple, Google, Intel and Nike can attest, bringing mindfulness to the workplace has decreased people’s stress levels while improving focus and clarity, listening and decision-making skills, and overall satisfaction and well-being, at work and at home.

Just as the body needs rest to rejuvenate and function at high levels, the mind needs rest, too. Extended periods of stress, worry and overwhelm are exhausting to our system and deplete our ability to be productive, creative, happy and successful.

My Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness programs bring simple, enjoyable and effective meditation practices into the workplace.

I’ve created a personalized approach when working with companies. I know that a calm mind will create a calm life. Calm, clear, focused thoughts will enhance the performance and success of your employees and your organization.

But not everyone responds to the same meditation style. Which is why I offer many forms of meditation and mindfulness practice, developed over the past 15 years to accommodate your specific group.

Each program starts with a 60 minute, on site Introduction to Meditation.

This includes:

  • A brief talk about what meditation is and how it can improve your life, on the job and at home,
  • The scientific research supporting meditation and mindfulness for health, well-being and overall satisfaction,
  • A guided meditation experience so participants have a simple and effective practice to begin on their own right away,
  • Meditation Coaching to answer questions and give instruction for a continued feeling of peace, clarity and groundedness.


8 week Meditation and Mindfulness program

Studies prove that with just 8 weeks of meditation practice, the brain shows signs growth and change. In this comprehensive program, you will receive 8, weekly 60-minute trainings. Each session will build your practice and technique as well as addressing questions or concerns. These sessions can either be in person or by Skype.

The Program Fee is scaled based on the number of course registrants:
1 student @ $2,000
2 to 5 students @ $1,500 each
6 to 9 students @ $1,000 each
10 to 40 students @ $500 each

All participants receive:

  • Unlimited e-mail support for one year
  • 20% discount for my private one on one Coaching
  • 30% discount to my live and online events

Customized Programs are created for your specific group, which may include:

  • ½ or full day Meditation and Mindful Mastery workshops
  • Weekly guided sessions, in person or Skype
  • Small group or individual Meditation and Mindfulness Mastery Coaching, which include:
    • How to introduce meditation into meetings and conflict resolution sessions
    • The practice of mindful listening and responding for improved collaboration and communication
    • Meditation for team building and success visioning
    • Stress management and quality of life Mastery Coaching

All customized programs include Introduction to Meditation (see above).

The fee will be based on the selection of services you choose. Please contact me to create your customized program for your specific group.

Corporate Meditation

Whether you have executives, on the go consultants or corporate professionals, we will create a personalized program together to meet your unique needs and time parameters.

The most powerful thought leaders of our time, such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington and Jeff Weiner know the power of meditation and share how their practice has helped them achieve their highest level of success while living life to the fullest.

I’ve spent over 15 years exploring and creating simple yet effective meditation and skillful living programs based on scientific studies and personal practice to help people take charge of their lives and achieve their highest potential personally and professionally.

Here is what a few of my clients have to say:

“Denise did what other coaches were unable to do – help me let go of the past disappointments, trust and feel good about myself so I could move forward.”- Jeff F.

“Denise offers a safe environment and I never feel like I have to hold back what I am thinking or feeling in fear of what she will think or say.  She is a truly enlightened person with a lot of wisdom to share and I feel very thankful to have her in my life.  She has helped me achieve things I never imagined I could.” LJ

“Working with Denise is like years of therapy in a few sessions!” – Deb R.

“You have helped me to change my life, Denise, and I find the quality of the life I am able to create more joyful and rewarding than ever.” – Rene

Give your company’s most important asset the cutting edge for success and fulfillment, from a clear, focused, creative and calm mind.

Contact me to create a personalized plan for achieving your goals.

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