Denise is right there with me – totally present. I feel very safe and comfortable in her sessions and can express myself. It’s like being with my most trusted friend. I get to relax, leave the world behind for awhile, rest and heal.


You have helped me to change my life, Denise, and I find the quality of the life I am choosing to live more joyful and rewarding than ever. (And yes, I am crying now!)


Working with Denise Rizvi for the past 7 months opened the door to the possibility of the existence of a spiritual life within me. Denise’s unique combination of experience, energy and wisdom help me to continue to experience the undeniable possibilities for my life ahead. She is indeed a healer.


Denise helped me to get back on the road when I started wandering off, forgetting about the journey and more important my true self, who I really am, what my truth is. She is a life coach and a healer and my navigation to bring me back when I was off the track. Denise taught me that life is a choice and nobody else but only me can write the story that I choose to live.


I usually refer to you as my “meditation guru/life coach”. You have helped me to view the positive aspects of my life, even in the face of adversity. I have gained a positive perspective on my life, and you have guided me in turning difficulties into almost a challenge-to find the lesson that I can learn.


I came to the point in life where I made a decision to change the way I live in this world. I craved peace and compassion and ease, and a feeling of being at home. I realized, growing in this way meant learning new ways. I am dedicating time and effort, but doing so with the guidance and support of Denise, to help me on my journey. The things I am learning are growing into my entire day-to-day life. I am finding my story, my truth with the guidance and support of Denise.


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