Part 2 – Evoking the Rebel

Now that you have realized the power of your thoughts over your feeling state, it’s time to begin to track where these thoughts and beliefs are coming from. We are all born into a story. We come into this world and are placed in a role in the story our parents have created. This is the first layer of thinking and behaving that we learn. Our first perception of the world comes from the story we are born into. This lays the foundation of our identity. Then we go to school and develop a deeper sense of identity, we enter into relationships that inform us of what is acceptable about us and we what is not. We learn from society what we ‘should’ have to be successful in the world. Pretty soon, the momentum of our life is set and going along. Then we find a partner or friends that reinforce and reflect our beliefs in our self.

But one day, you realize things don’t feel the way you thought they would. The vision you had is not what you are experiencing. All the busyness just breeds discontentment, irritation, anxiety, resentment. This is because you are living a life that someone else created for you. It is not your authentic life, it is not a life of freedom, expression, self trust, it is not ‘self’ created. You were taught to conform to the consensual reality. ‘this is good, this is bad, this is success, this is failure’. Meditation and living consciously, allows us to uncover and excavate our true selves and write our story from that place of the authentic self. This is the place of the rebel who says ‘NO, I’m not going to live this way anymore, I’m taking power back in my own hands. I’m creating from my own truth’.

Exercise 2 – begin to track the behaviors and the thoughts that created them and ask ‘is that my authentic truth or is it what I’ve been taught?’ if it doesn’t feel like it fits anymore or is authentic, say to yourself ‘that’s not my story and I’m choosing not to live it anymore’. This is where the rebel comes in. It takes great courage to change the story of your life. But each of us, in every moment, can rewrite our script, little by little. One thought at a time. Now We keep saying ‘No’ every time that old thought comes back, and replace it with a new empowered thought, the new script. You will have to do this a thousand times a day at first, then five hundred times, then one hundred times and eventually it becomes our natural pattern. Not easy, but it can be done with determination and courage. One thought at a time.

Here’s to the New You!

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