We’ve all heard that you can’t buy happiness.  It comes from within and is always available.

So why don’t we feel it all the time?

For years I suffered with feeling unhappy. I would have moments or maybe even a few days where I would feel happy, free, relaxed.  But ultimately, the fear, dissatisfaction, self judgment would always come flooding back and the happy me would be smothered again.  It felt like an emotional roller coaster that someone else was in control of.

After years of struggling with trying to capture that ‘happy’ me and nail her down, this is what I’ve learned…

I like to use the analogy of having 2 minds. The happy, peaceful, satisfied mind and the unhappy, afraid, wanting mind. One mind will create experiences from a place of love and the other from the place of fear. The loving mind feels expansive, relaxed, happy. The fearful mind feels trapped, frustrated, and unhappy.

Sometimes, when I’m paying attention, I can hear both minds having conversations inside my head.  My ego, fear based mind is arguing with the Higher Mind of Love.  Whichever mind wins will determine how I will feel that day. Happy or frustrated.  Have you ever experienced that?  Kind of funny when you look at it from the outside.

The good news is, we all have the ability to take charge of our ‘minds’ and take charge of our happiness.

When you are feeling unhappy, frustrated, negative or judgmental, recognize that  this is the voice of your fearful, ego mind and try this:

Hear the voice of fearful mind with compassion, say to ego, ‘ I’m choosing Love instead of_________.’

Then use this affirmation to engage Higher Mind and  take charge of your thoughts,

‘Today, I choose  love and peace.  I am happy.’

Use this affirmation all throughout the day, over and over. You will begin to feel more relaxed and happier.

As you take charge and retrain your thoughts, your Higher Mind of Love will become louder and the fear based, ego mind, lower.  You will be listening and creating and solving problems in your life from the higher place of  love.  And happiness grows.

‘Today, I choose love and peace. I am happy.’

This is one more way you can Take Charge Of The Life You Have, So You Can Live The Life You LOVE!

I would be ‘happy’  to hear how you’ve created more happiness in your life. Please share your experience here.

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