Everything starts with a thought.

The thoughts we think, the words we speak, the beliefs we hold create our life’s circumstances. All of it, fulfilling and unfulfilling began with our own thoughts and choices. A single thought can shift the momentum of our whole lives. Each thought that we hold and focus on is like a seed growing into the very thing we are imagining.

What seeds are you growing in your life today?

Hope is the Seed of Faith.
Faith is the Seed of Drive.
Drive is the Seed of Seek.
Seek is the Seed of Knowledge.
Knowledge is the Seed of Awareness.
Awareness is the Seed of Power.
Power is the Seed of Choice.
Choice is the Seed of Abundance.
Abundance is the Seed of Dream.
Dream is the Seed of Happiness.
Happiness is the Seed of Pleasure.
Pleasure is the Seed of Desire.
Desire is the Seed of Destiny.

Courtesy of Norma Torres

Look at your consistent thoughts, the ones that keep running through you mind over and over.  Are they what you want to grow more of in your life? Are you growing regret, fear, confusion, frustration?

The great thing about thoughts is that they can be changed, a thought on its own, holds no power. It only becomes empowered when we believe in it.

So, take a look today at what you’re thinking about. Choose to believe you can create a different thought, one that feels good, expansive, hopeful and focus your attention on that thought. Your old thought will begin to lose energy and power and the new thought will begin to grow as you water it with attention and faith.

Whatever we put our attention on becomes our intention. And our intentions are what we create our lives from.  The good news is that you have the power to choose your intentions.

What would you love to feel today?

Create an affirmative statement of what you intend to feel and speak it all day long to yourself.

Today, I choose to let go of control and trust in the flow of Spirit guiding my life. Click to tweet

Today, I choose to speak patiently and kindly to my children, parents, coworkers.
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Today, I choose calm and peace in all my interactions and circumstances.
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Today, I choose to see the face of God in everyone I meet.
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Make it simple and something you can manage. You’ll have to remind yourself all throughout the day, so it’s helpful if you write it and keep it visible or have a stone or symbol that will keep you anchored to your new thought pattern. In time, your old intentions will lose power and this will become your ‘new normal’.

Very exciting stuff when you think of the power you wield in your own life. You can shift the momentum that your life is going in right now, it starts with one thought, one seed, that can grow a forest of change.

Share some of your intentions for today below and please share this blog with others who could use a momentum shift in their lives!

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