Last Sunday I went to the Center for Spiritual Living, and Reverend Frankie was talking about the Boston bombing. I’ve read so many articles about the two brothers who were responsible for the bomb and the people who were killed. I’ve read inspirational quotes about love conquering hate and forgiveness. But Rev. Frankie helped me to make sense of it all. She talked about us all being part of the whole, that I am the bomber, I am the one who was killed, I am the family of the ones lost.

We are all the victims and the perpetrators in every tragedy. The way to effect this violent behavior is to claim it in ourselves. I had a hard time understanding that since I don’t feel violent or hateful. What I realized for me, the way I can claim my participation in the violence of the world is to look at where I judge and criticize myself and others. Judgment takes on the form of anger and creates separation from others or parts of myself I don’t like.

I feel separation when I’m in fear and fear is the impetus for violence. I can help to heal the violence in the world by becoming more aware of where I’m afraid and feel separate from my own Spiritual Self . I can help to heal the world by first healing myself and remembering the truth that we are all one, so as I heal my own fear, I help to heal the fear in everyone. Even the bombers. As I heal my fear and separation, we all heal.

We are all responsible and we are all capable and we all have the power to raise humanity to a more loving consciousness. Today I choose to notice where I’m critical and judgmental.

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