How would your life feel different if you believed that you were held and guided by the love of God/Spirit?

What we consistently believe is what we create in our lives.

If we believe and think that we are alone, unsupported, never going to get out of debt, have the love we yearn for, be healthy, create success, than guess what? We get to be absolutely right!

We bring into our lives more of whatever we believe or consistently think about. The good news is, if we believe that we are worthy of love, that our bodies know how to heal and be healthy, that we are capable of success and financial wealth, that we are loved and supported, than we get to be right about that, too.

The trick is to be able to maintain the focus on what we truly are yearning to experience, to build the fortitude and the mental muscle to keep lifting our thoughts higher and higher. So we can stay in a higher quality of thought for longer periods of time. We have a choice to take charge of our minds in every moment, to either focus on the difficulties in our lives or on the pieces we are grateful for. Focusing on the difficulties creates low vibration of regular mind, low quality thoughts and more of the same circumstances. But choosing to focus on what is already working, with gratitude, we’ll create higher quality thoughts from the heart and higher quality results.

Einstein said, ‘We can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.’

If we want new results in our lives, we must create a new level of thinking.

One tool to maintain that higher quality of life is meditation.

Listen to this month’s meditation, Held by the Love of Spirit. Allow yourself to surrender, feel and believe that you are loved, every day, every moment. How would your life experience be different if you truly surrendered to love? How would your challenges look when seen through the lens of love?

Share your feelings with me after listening to this meditation. What did it feel like, were you able to surrender and allow yourself to feel loved, even a little bit?

How can you take charge of your mind today to create higher quality experience?

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