The momentum of our lower thought dominated lives has tremendous strength, and it drags us along wherever it wants to go. When we have a reactive mind dominated life, we (the authentic essence of our spiritual self) are not taking charge of how we experience our lives. We are giving control over to our conditioned mind and thoughts. If we sit back passively and allow these thoughts to have free reign, we will always be unhappy, stressed, unfulfilled, afraid of one thing or another. We will live in the prison of our own minds creation. This is because an untrained mind doesn’t have the ability to bring us happiness or peace.

When we decide to take the momentum of our lives back, to switch from a lower mind dominated experience to a higher consciousness experience, we exercise our personal power and freedom to choose. This is very liberating. It takes commitment and dedication to make such a powerful shift. First comes the desire to truly be free. Then comes the practice of noticing your thoughts, and how your thoughts effect your emotional state. Is this the way you want to feel? If not, acknowledge that these thoughts have no substance until you give them substance by believing in the illusion. (I’m not safe, I’m not good enough, there isn’t enough for me, nothing ever works out for me, I’ll never find love, etc.)

Exercise 1: Noticing is the first step, stop throughout the day and just become conscious of what you are thinking about and how it is making you feel. First step, notice which part you are allowing to dominate your life. Check back for part 2!

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