What does it mean to be spiritual? Do we have to live on a mountain and gain enlightenment, or give up all our worldly pleasures and become a monk?

How can we be spiritual in a society of materialism that we live in?

The truth is, we’re already spiritual. All of us. It’s impossible for us not to be spiritual. Why? Because we’re made up of spirit. Spirit is our true essence, we’ve just forgotten.

Our ego and conditioned  mind have become so loud and dominant in our lives that we can’t feel or hear from our true spirit selves anymore. But the truth is that we are all made up of the same stuff as the cosmos, the Universe. We are extensions of the One.

Every spiritual teacher from Buddha to Einstein teaches us the same thing, they all guide us back to the same truth. We and God (Universe, Spirit, the Sacred) are one spirit. We are each an expression of the spirit that created all things. The Spirit of Life flows through each of us, it beats our hearts and allows us to breathe. Once we become aware that there is more to us than our ego identity, we can see from the broader perspective of ourselves as living, breathing, extensions of Universal Spirit.

We can take charge of our own spiritual experience.

What a different place to live life from! Once you choose to believe that God is expressing itself through you in this world, it becomes easy to say ‘I’m spiritual’ and even go one step further, ‘I’m Spirit!’

Try this exercise to help retrain your mind in remembering the simple truth that you are already spiritual, right now, exactly as you are. Write on a paper or put on your phone/computer where you can see them all day, read or meditate on these statements:

I am one with the Spirit of the Universe, It flows through me and expresses Itself in this world as me!

I choose now to live from the truth that I am an eternal Spiritual Being having a temporary human experience.

No one can express God in this world the way I can, I am a unique extension of the Universal Spirit.

I am Spiritual, I am Spirit, I am as powerful, strong, creative, loving, peaceful as the Spirit of God, I am one with the Spirit of God.

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