“To a sailor without a destination, no wind is favorable” Unknown author

‘I’ll just wait and see what happens’ have you ever said that? Do you know what I find when I say that? Nothing. Nothing happens. Or worse, more of what has always been happening. We say this because we are often either too afraid to take a decisive stance or too lazy to commit to the action it will require to bring about what we want. The fact is that we are always in charge of what we are experiencing in our lives. Either consciously or unconsciously we are creating it. If there is an area in your life that is stagnant, painful or unfulfilling in some way, you have the ability to shift the way you experience it.

We create either by conscious intention or unconscious patterning.

If we don’t choose a design for our lives then our mind reverts to the patterns of our previous thinking and will design our experience from there. This will bring about more of what we’ve always had. Notice the pictures and images you are allowing to inhabit your mind. These images create feelings, feelings have a vibration. This vibration broadcasts out around you and supports the fulfillment of your mental pattern into your physical life. An example of this is when you are having a really good day, you feel happy, open, relaxed. People around you, even strangers, may smile and share your good feeling. You tend to see the possibilities in life rather than limitations. The same holds true when you are having a miserable day, people may stay away from you, and you focus on what is lacking rather than fulfilling in your life.

What you allowed yourself to think yesterday is creating today’s circumstances,

what you allow yourself to think today will create tomorrow’s circumstances.

Try this, bring to your conscious mind what you would like to feel. Choose thoughts, statements that support that feeling state. ‘I am confident, I feel satisfied with my life, I am free to create whatever I choose, I am loved and supported in my life’, etc. Write them down so you can carry them with you and read them throughout the day and especially before bed. This is the beginning of disciplining your thoughts. We build the mental stamina to hold our mind in a new, higher thought pattern long enough to allow our life to take on the shape of what we are thinking about. You can find many affirmation websites to help you get started and give you ideas.

Pause, choose the thoughts you allow yourself to think based on what you want to create more of in your life. All change begins with you. If you want more love in your life, love yourself more first, ‘I love and accept myself today and everyday’. If you want more fulfillment, appreciate and take notice of where you are already fulfilled, ‘I am satisfied with my life’. What have you created that you would like more of? Direct your thought power to those successes and they will grow and most importantly, you will feel good about yourself and your accomplishments. Become an expert thinker. Create excellence in your own mind and your life will follow.

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